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Are you a forward-thinking company seeking cost-effective, efficient, and impactful furniture solutions?

At Furniture Bank, we’re revolutionizing surplus, excess, and customer-returned inventory management. Our innovative approach provides companies with a unique solution that goes beyond traditional liquidation, furniture removal, or disposal methods. We’ve crafted a strategy that allows home goods businesses to maximize the value of their obsolete inventory while simultaneously contributing to environmental sustainability and improving the well-being of those in need. 

We specialize in providing comprehensive furniture removal services, innovative reverse logistics solutions, and streamlined direct liquidation services that outshine traditional options like 1-800-GOT JUNK? and JUSTJUNK

With Furniture Bank, you’re not just managing excess inventory – you’re making a meaningful impact.

In addition, your donations to Furniture Bank are eligible for a charitable donation receipt and tax deductions, allowing you to make a substantial impact on the community while benefiting your business financially.

Our services

We offer Canada-wide comprehensive home goods and furniture removal, direct liquidation, and inventory management solutions for all businesses and retailers.

Canada-wide coverage map for Furniture Bank's National Furniture Removal Services. Specializing in direct liquidation, reverse logistics, and furniture removal in Canada.

Let us take care of your outdated or surplus furniture. Through our furniture removal services, you not only free up valuable space but also contribute to community welfare. We ensure your furniture finds a new home, creating a positive impact that resonates far beyond your office walls.

With the Furniture Bank Network, our reach extends across Canada. This enables us to broaden our poverty relief initiatives nationwide and offer national furniture removal services to our corporate collaborators.

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Our innovative reverse logistics process is tailor-made for your needs. Improve your customer satisfaction and enhance your sustainability reputation in the market by utilizing our Furniture Bank trucks for your reverse logistics.

Our fleet of 10 (soon to be 12) trucks ensure swift transportation of returned items within 72 hours of collection, showcasing your commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. When our services are utilized for reverse logistics or residential home goods and furniture removals, it sends a positive message to your customers about your dedication to environmental stewardship and social impact.

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Recapture value from customer returns or end-of-life items through our secure home goods and furniture liquidation services. Use Furniture Bank to identify bulk procurement opportunities and streamline your asset management.

We work with retailers to acquire essentials like bed frames, linens, kitchen goods, and more – transforming empty spaces into comfortable homes.

And here’s the key: when we liquidate, we don’t resell. We ensure that these items directly benefit communities in need, avoiding secondary grey markets and putting the focus on positive impact.

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Are your customers frequently asking, “What should I do with my old items?

Enhance your customer experience with cutting-edge retail checkout solutions. Offer the additional value your customers rightly expect by presenting a sustainable answer for handling their old furniture and belongings.

By incorporating sustainable removal choices, service contracts, and purpose-built point-of-sale coupons, you have the opportunity to distinguish your brand as one deeply committed to sustainability, community engagement, and achieving ESG goals.

Let’s collaborate to forge enduring connections, empower your customers, and steer positive change.

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manage your surplus inventory today.

Furniture Bank is more than a service provider – we’re your strategic partner in driving efficiency, profitability, and impact.

Choose us for cost-effective furniture removal solutions that align with your corporate values, offer a streamlined implementation that keeps your operations running smoothly, and provide you with impact reporting that showcases your positive contributions.