This Thanksgiving, let's set a table for all.

Give now, and give the gift of home and dignity.

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Donors like you have helped over 120,000 individuals create a home!

Over 5,520 individuals and families were gifted furniture in 2022

Over 1.6mil pounds of furnishing redirected back to the community

Your impact

$500 will furnish a families’ entire home

$250 will provide the furniture needed for a child

$100 will get a child off the floor with a new mattress

$75 will provide a kitchen table for a family

$25 will provide bedding and linens

Many individuals and families find themselves lacking essential home furnishings, such as dining tables, as well as kitchenware items like pots, plates, and cutlery.

As a result, those experiencing furniture poverty are unable to prepare a special meal for their loved ones or gather around the dinner table to create cherished memories.

Your generous donation will provide our clients with essential furnishings, fill their cupboards, and give them the opportunity to experience heartwarming moments with their family and friends this Thanksgiving.

Join us in giving thanks with purpose!

This Thanksgiving, let’s make sure every family is able to gather around a table. Your donation turns empty housing into a home.

Donate now, and help us end furniture poverty. Together, we can make this holiday truly meaningful for all.

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Other ways to give:

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By mail:

If you prefer to mail your gift, please mail to the following:
Donations at Furniture Bank
25 Connell Court, Unit 1
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M8Z 1E8