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How much do you charge for furniture pick-up?


Most furniture and junk removal services have a pick-up fee and Furniture Bank is no different, but can be more affordable! To cover the costs of our truck, and driver, and furniture removal staff, our fee starts at $150. The total furniture removal cost depends on the size and number of the items we’re picking up, and your location.

Not only will your furniture be in a home of someone in need within 72-hours, you’ll also be helping the environment by keeping furniture from landfill AND you’ll also get a charitable tax receipt! Win-win-win.

You can request a free estimate here! (Note: we don’t charge HST!)

But where do these funds go?

Great question!  The fees we charge for our furniture removal services go right back into supporting our mission to end furniture poverty.

These fees allow us to:

  • pay staff
  • keep our trucks on the road
  • maintain our warehouse space, where families come and select furnishings for their homes.

Help turn someone’s empty housing into a home!

What our customers are saying:

I’d rather pay Furniture Bank for furniture removal rather than a junker. At least know for certain my mother’s things are going to a family and not tossed away — Katie, Furniture Bank donor


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